Housewife's Art

In the new series of "Housewife's Art", I reflect on the abstract world of dishtowels and I iron paintings with my iron brush. In 2016, I was dealing with Dada's women's representatives. Many times I re-interpret, appropriate the works and paintings of female artists, women artists, through my own viewpoint, in conjunction with contemporary thoughts. In my performances and paintings I often refer to Marina Abramovic, Frida Kahlora, Martha Rosler, Carolee Schnemann and Renate Bertlmann. Hannah Höch’s and Sophie Taeuber-Arp's art for a long time I know, since I was in Dresden in 2010. I like Hannah Höch's collages, and abstract artwork by Sophie Taeuber Arp, but they've never had a big impact on me, as Sonja Delaunay. Sonja Delaunay was not an active member of DADA, but made clothes for performances. Two photos documentation is very important to me, with Sonja Delaunay's girlfriends in his studio, sitting in his coat-clothes and dresses in front of his huge abstract paintings. On the other, the models are in the clothing that Sonja Delaunay was planning, one stands, the other is in the car, which Sonja Delaunay has painted with coloured squares and rectangles. In the 1920s and 1930s, a female creator might have been daring. These photos are always very inspired, as I regularly make clothes for my paintings and performances. With DADA, I created 2 garments that were inspired by the art of these fine artists and their DADA BABA’s and Sonja Delaunay's painting. I'm a figural painter, but I started to think abstract pictures in DADA BABA and Sonja Delaunay's dresses and her paintings. During the Common Jam eat-art happenings I often used in the paintings of a documentary, the dishtowels. This is the subject of my new series, the Dishtowels, that is, a kitchen cloth paintings. Ironing, I have long been involved in playing roles and I like to play roles as housewife and I’m ironing with my iron brushes, which I use to cure gestures and I document the ironing movements on the canvas. I have some video about this.: