La perta de la fleur feminine

I am a female painter and I consider myself a member of the new generation of women artists. I feel it is a radical decision to use my husband’s surname (Fajgerné/Mrs. Fajger) as a way to express my belonging to him among women artists who do not act the same way. To be married and to take responsibility is important – as I think – however it seems that this responsibility is missing from my generation, hence I took it as an important part of my identity and my art.


In Happiness

As an Allegory of Painting

In order to show their professionalism and meet society’s expectations, self-portraits became important themes for female artists. I would like to pay tribute to this tradition by representing myself ready to become part of art and art history, according to my new-found identity.

In the 1630's, Artemisia Gentileschi painted herself as the embodiment of painting by placing herself in the center of the allegory. She hence created a new type of self-portrait, which was and still is reserved exclusively for women.