‘Come to my bosom’ appropriates paintings of Gabrielle d'Estrees and her sister from 1592 that is in the Louvre. Since 15 years I would like to appropriate it and here was the most time. The pintch in my interpretation is about whether you have milk or can you breastfeed. So the nurses watch your breast in the hospital. In the background there is a green tile, what a picture is broken by Renate Bertlmann's Zartliche Berühungen 1-5, 1976, by a photo taken. Bertlmann’s photo remind me of a sex scene, I do not know what, maybe condoms, but I also remember the female breast, so I chose this photo. Breastfeeding was a sexual, erotic experience for me, and I had an orgasm for many uterine contractions. In the foreground there is a blue table with feeding bottles, breastfeeding and other breastfeeding support devices for breastfeeding.