Small morning


At the art colony in 2009, one program was the reinterpretation of the painting: Philip Otto Runge: Small Morning on a 80x100 cm dimension canvas. Csaba Filp made some lecture from Runge and from the comparison of baroque and renaissance. I observed the sunrise and this experience was very inspirational. I found very interesting the sense of Runge about the colors (red=Jesus, blue=Father, yellow=Holy Spirit), and I took this very important in my paintings. At this time I started to study the Folk art and the painting of Csók István: Chest with Tulip. Runge flower paintings were full of details like a flower or plant encyclopedia. These paintings mainly the lily and amaryllis designate the direction for me. I observed the houseleek with all details like Runge. I painted a series with lots of different composition. Looking for the figurality, and searching for the road between abstractions, I tried to create motives which are found in Folk art.